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[CASE STUDY] All My Gigs Disappeared From Fiverr Search Results

I was UNABLE to withdraw.
And because I continued to deliver orders, it increased.
Obviously I wouldnt have left this amount unwithdrawn

Why are you continuing to complete orders even though you can’t withdraw?

So sorry to hear about your situation. :frowning:

The story keeps changing as to why my gigs were removed. Initially, a company contacted Fiverr since I was not given permission to use a logo (which has been resolved with the co.) and then the story changes to Fiverr can’t understand what I’m are offering for $5.

On the first line of the description of all my gigs says…For $5 I will…(in bold) and expected delivery date.

I purposely write ALL my gigs this way to reduce confusion and to be 100% transparent with buyers.

Is it just me or do you feel this co. makes good workers jump through hoops? From a business standpoint, to sustain and grow a company for decades, a company needs a repeatable business model with optimized processes and good workers who believe in the company’s vision and feel appreciated, hence the good worker will stay for the long haul. Good workers are not easy to come by. Read Forbes or Google the revolving door of millennial workers.

P.S. The process of restoring gigs should not mean we’re shutting you off for good and you have to create a new gig and start over. Which translates to we do not care. Move on. The seller should be handled with care and respect. How can we help resolve this situation? Here are the steps. Once implemented we will restore your gigs.

I told anyone about this problem months ago…

Were you able to solve this?

This has JUST happened to me. My BEST gig is not appearing in search results anymore!!

Apparently he solved the problem as this was posted last year and his best gig is getting tons of new reviews.

Happened to me today as well, i contacted support but no help

Hi Your post is very insightful.
I believe fiverr rotates gigs in search engines and it has every right to do so in order to give all sellers a fair chance. If a new gig is doing well it rises faster than old gigs usually uptil the first two weeks. There are a lot of factors and fiverr always keeps updating their search algo to increase user experience and they do better than any other freelancing network i believe.

Due to the pandemic, the number of gigs has doubled or even tripled in many categories. A lot of level 2 sellers like you and me are pushed back, out of search to make space for new sellers in the recommended and best selling categories.