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CASE STUDY-Very Surprising Fiverr Algorithm

Hello Beautiful people from fiverr

I am going to share my gig statistics which is very surprising for me

For this reason i am attaching the screen shot of the ethical data of my gig performance

You can see my gig impression since last 30 days
It is merely shocking 30 impressions/day despite of being LEVEL 2 SELLER

I used to do GUEST POST, BLOG COMMENTING etc but these have ZERO effects on my impressions (an experiment from last 3 months)

But what surprises me is that my CLICK and GIG VIEWS stats

As you can see my gig views and clicks surpassed 100/day and someday it is 200+

But what surprises me is that neither i have received any single order nor a single inquiry from any buyer (The last inquiry i received was in NOVEMBER)

I have contacted CS many times regarding this but the same answer by CS executive each time

I love to do blogging (Guest Post) but it has almost zero effects

I was able to outreach to many bloggers and ask them to link to my site

But when i check the metrics the views, clicks and even impressions are going down every time

Point to be noted that My gig clicks surpassed the Impressions (for example in 25th Feb i had 43 impressions with 105 clicks)

I am unable to figure it out how this is possible

I am also adding the overall statistics of the gig since last 7 days

So my concern is

IMPRESSIONS are the most valuable metrics which determine how your gig is performing
How can CLICKS overcome IMPRESSIONS?can anyone explain it

My page link

Thanks for your reading


Do I understand you correctly: you asked some bloggers to share link to your gigs, right?

If so then it’s normal. Inpressions are how many times fiverr shows your gig in search. Clicks and views, well it’s obvious”, if people followed the link that you shared it will affect only clicks and views and not impressions.


What about your social clicks? It’s possible someone is doing that just from a link somewhere.


Social clicks are almost zero and i have in total 1 social clicks since last 30 days


No it is not normal

"if people followed the link that you shared it will affect only clicks and views and not impressions- For your kind information the social views are almost zero

I dont think you are right

Since last 10 days neither i have done any blog posts nor any social share

The stastistics are completely irrelevant


It looks like you paid a seller to do some clicks on your gigs, someone who said it would be in google or listed some place to get views.

It’s not just about getting traffic. If you get lots of traffic but the people visiting your gigs are not interested in what you are offering, you will still get 0 conversions. So if you want to get traffic from outside fiverr, make sure to target people who are actually interested in your services.


Don’t assume things of your own
I have only paid for only Blog outreach Method which i used to do 2 months ago
I also don’t believe in Social sharing method because it does not work

And if i could pay for something, then how i am getting CLICKS ?
Can you explain this?

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I am still unaware of where those traffic come from
I have done some guest posts in some Graphics and Multimedia blogs which is highly niche relevant
It increases gig views for just one day but it does not work next day
believe me sharing on social media, blog post and link building does not work here

Top sellers here are using black hat methods to generate sales by risking their account (which can not be discusses here i think)

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I’m right you did do some kind of pay for promotion of your gigs. I don’t know how it gets you clicks but don’t worry about it.

Calm down please.

Where did you get this idea? Top sellers are getting sales by having a good reputation.


I don’t know how i can convince you that i am not doing any paid promotion
If i was doing so then i could have been stopped so after some attempts
If i can do paid promotions like Facebook and Google then i would do it in my separate website
And yes i did some promotion but in Quora and Reditt answering niche related question and answer
I have tried different experiments on my gig but barely they work
I have optimized my krywords, meta description, etc also dont work


You are getting a bit over the line with you responses here.

We are just sellers here and the same trying to guess your problem, no need to be aggressive to me or to @misscrystal.

If you still believe that there is a problem you can reach out again to CS and ask them where is this tragic comes from.


Have you tried doing superior work and having the best gigs?

I knew from your stats you had done some paid manipulations of your views.
Just getting more views of your gigs does nothing about getting sales.

I almost never look at my stats. I just look at my sales. The stats are not helpful as far as getting sales. No need to pay attention to those.


can you explain “PAID MANIPULATION?”
1st you said PAID PROMOTION and when i explained it clearly then you come up with “PAID MANIPULATION”

Well Gig stats are the important metric as it shows how your gig is reaching out to people

I don’t think any blackhat tricks (as you suspect) will affect on CLICKS though it increases VIEWS

But it is still a suspense for me how you come up with a statement PAID MANUPULATION

if you could explain then i would be obliged


It might help to have a gig image instead of a blank grey box.


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yes it is because i just changed the picture recently and it is not updated by fiverr

When I change an image it shows immediately. Oh well leave it that way if you like. You seem to know more than I do.

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can you explain MANIPULATION so that i can ask CS if such things take place on my gig?

You could try to focus more on something that might help your sales.

i have done evrything
Blog posting, social shares, SEOs