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Cash Advance question

Hi all.

I’ve offered the cash advance option since it was first released but I’ve been skeptical to try it out because I don’t have enough information.

Can someone (who has tried it) please tell me what one can do with the funds? Can you withdraw them or are they strictly for use on Fiverr?

I’ve read the other threads and no one has answered this question. Thanks

P.S. I’m a level 2 seller


Hey Faymus, according to the article in the Help Center, the money can be withdrawn.

Cash Advance gives you, our selected sellers, the option to receive an on-the-spot cash advance to grow your business. The advance is immediately deposited into your Fiverr Balance and is available for withdrawal.



Hello @faymus,

Congratulations and glad to know that you have been selected for that opportunity. I have neither been selected yet nor tried it but so far I have learned, you will be able to withdraw the funds instantly like you do for the cleared funds. Please check the above link that @ahmwritingco shared. It should be helpful.

Thank you.

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Hi , I have actually used Cash Advance it really helped me out, withdrew the funds and I’m using them daily , however i lost my early payout feature for about 14 days , I have it back now everything is going great


Thank you all for your help.

so did you try the cash advance option?

Hello, did you do anything special to get it back?

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Not really , actually this option comes and goes, but i think the reason it stays alot for me is because when its there , I use it alot, Like I really really use it , so I suppose Fiverr will give it more to frequent users ,at least thats my guess

I did. It was very easy. I only took out $100 to test it out because I knew I could pay that back in a day or two. I’m curious to see what happens after.

okay do share if there is increase in impressions or clicks

After Paying it back do you get another Cash Advance? I’m very curious

The Cash advance option disappeared after paying it back. I’m not sure when it will return.

Update: My cash advance option has returned. It’s been 48 hours

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Did it return with a higher ceiling or the same ceiling? Or did you already have the 5000 limit?

Did it return with a higher ceiling or the same ceiling? Or did you already have the 5000 limit?

I had the 5000 first, and the second time it was 2500.

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I just paid back my advance , its been 48 hours and I havent gotten another one, I did have a slump last month with some cancellations so still havent got it …but I’m holding thumbs

ok, let us know how much interest rate add of that ?