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Cash Withdraw for cancelation order


HI All.

I hope you all are fine. Actually i’m new here and i make an order here. But for some issue i cancel my order and amount refunded. Now i have no further order for the time now, so i want to withdraw my money. Please guide me how can i do this.

Thank You!


Were you buying or selling on Fiverr?


I’m almost certain you can send a ticket to Support to ask for the money to be returned to your PayPal account. I’d love to know the answer to this as well, just in case I need to reference it.


Hi @ahmwritingco and @thewriterfight

OP is a seller so I’m guessing he’s trying to say that his order got canceled and refunded and, as he’s got no more orders right now, he wants to withdraw his earnings but doesn’t know how.


If you’re a seller trying to withdraw the money you’ve earned, you can read about it here:


i just did the same. They said that funds will transfer the same account from through i deposited.


Hope you are fine.

I just deposit money from my debit card to place an order then order got cancelled and payment refunded. I didn’t found any solution and just opened a ticket now.


Hope you’re fine too.

Oh, I thought you had a problem withdrawing funds as a seller. My mistake, sorry.

Good you contacted CS, now you have to wait for them to reply. :wink:


Thank you for your time. :blush:


You are most welcome although, sadly, I wasn’t able to be of any help to you.


No problem…
I’m new here so you know it takes time to understand the work over here. But i have a question if you wan to reply that i have a great offer for fiver clients how can i boost my gig or take my first new orders,

Thank you! :heart_eyes:


For this, you need to open a new thread so everybody can come and give you a hand :wink: