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Cast all kind of Magick Spell to solve any problem


Don’t listen to people who tell you that it is wrong, negative, or black magic. This is a New Age belief of Wiccans. All traditional religions that have spells also perform love spells. They can be done safely and work with no consequences.


Without consequences is not completely true, through my years of evoking spirits to physical manifestation I’ve learned that the reason many peoples “spells” don’t work is either because they aren’t transmitting the right intention. If your trying to make someone fall in love with you there’s a current of energy that represents love/lust and you can utilize that energy through symbols(sigils), but the highest alchemy is the evolution of the self.


Voodoo or Haitian voudon is a powerful system of magick, working with the loa can be a scary but exhilarating experience by learning through dialectics, going to extremes such as learning though possesion.