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Catch 22 situation i'm sure i'm not the first

I have been on Fiverr a little over a month as a VO actor. No organic orders from buyers and the usual buyers requests have given me 3 orders. So I have read everything I can to get ready for a marketing strategy.
BUT through tinkering with my 4 gigs in a way that allows me to see their performance. This gives me a catch 22 situation. I have managed to get the focused gig on the second page quite easily . So with views going up but not clicks it has to be the gigs appearance. There is enough about my VO skills that is unique.
So do I promote full on what I have ? Possibly getting more focus on a poorly structured gigs?
Do I revamp the whole thing? Getting negative feedback from people you know is harder than you think.
I would say i’m quite good at cracking a nut like Fiverr to work for me. However the more learned the more i’m scratching my head. I have patients but I’m very driven to be better quicker.
Can some one at least tell me first impressions. I need to know how to focus my efforts. this would be the second time asking. Thank you

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I wish you success, dear and I serve you at any time

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Thank you
Not sure if that’s a military reference, but I appreciate it

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But I’m sure I’m at your service and happy to know you

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in my experience, what gets impressions up is good reviews. so its good you have been successful with buyers request.

Also, having some lower priced gigs to get you started would help too. idk how much lower your price is than normal already… but. To get started I was putting in hours of work for $5 $10 just to get some good reviews. it helps to have multiple choices in your gigs too… not just one price.

other than that, promotion and time… its all about getting good reviews, that’s what leads to more orders and the ability to charge higher prices.

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Maybe lower the price of the British/American voice-over gigs (either the gig price or the commercial rights price). At least until youv’e got more reviews. $50 for commercial rights seems a bit higher than some of the other voice-over gigs (another seller charges $10 for the commercial rights).

Thank you only yesterday I raised it up. Another test tweak. I still and am having a great problem with coming
up with niche gigs to fill those last 3 slots.

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Some voice over sellers get thousands of orders from just one gig. So you don’t necessarily have to fill all the slots. If you did though, maybe a general robotic voice-over or something.

Apparently my vocal type is a rare type. So I actually have a “Movie Trailer” gig in editing.
Don LaFontaine of course is one of these. Hopefully that will strike a cord. I will be EPIC! :wink:
Thanks for the comments

I will not advice you any thing except this get about 20 order, it going to be frustrating at the start.

I send about 25 and i got one, one person i know send 200 and got three,

so you are doing some thing better than us

wish you luck

You too I wish you good luck

I first recommended niche, but after a deeper look at your gig selection, I think you’ve done a pretty good job diversifying. Doesn’t hurt to make some more especially as they all revolve around the same general service. overall I’d say you’ve diversified your gig selection pretty nicely.

I think you are doing the work! keep landing those buyer requests, and little by little you will begin to see the results with organic orders and such.

I think marketing is the hardest part of this job, I didn’t have any active social media accounts before I started here now I’m working on building a twitter following and it’s a lot of work even to get a couple likes on a given post. Building social media accounts is a part-time job in addition to any gig work I receive. A couple months in, and I feel like I’m still months away from attracting buyers that way.

good luck!

Top notch advice daviddoer I’m even get more spam. I see that as possitive

love the spam, become one with it! lol. Any advice I give is based on some success but really a short tenure here at fiverr. grain of salt, not included.

Hi David
Tell me if this stands up . Appreciate any opinion

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sharp presentation! I think you’re going to do well. can take months to start picking up…

I think for voice work you’ll really want to lean into the buyers requests section to get more initial ratings.

Thanks that’s the truth