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Categories, shmategories

So my writing coaching gig has been forced into the “Online Lessons” category under “Fun & Lifestyle.” So people who want to do better with writing won’t go under “Writing & Translation” -> Other. They have to know that this is “Fun & Lifestyle” somehow.

I think the whole category system needs an overhaul. Not everything on Fiverr is a $5 goof or gag anymore. Online Lessons are serious not always “Fun & Lifestyle.” Sure 15 minutes of guitar lessons or singing lessons can stay under Fun & Lifestyle — but I’m a serious “Books are a business” writing coach. So annoying.

When I was doing book interior formatting, there was no good place to put it. Is that Writing & Translation -> Editing? Is that under the Book Covers & Packaging? Where will people look for it? Where are other people posting gigs for it?

All other writing coach gigs were not in online lessons, but I had to move in spite of Fiverr’s recommendation to a) look at other similar gigs and b) think of where the customer would look for your gig. But hey, why not under “Fun & Lifestyle” because it’s a joke, right?