Hello, I’m new here and having some problems with Categories. Where do I list Amazon reviews as a seller of reviews?

Thanks in advance for replies.


@khhols, I can’t help with your question but I hope some experienced sellers will come and help you. What I want to say is, ignore the spammer above! Being that you’re new here, I find it sad that your first comment is spam and hope you’ll stick around in spite of it.


@writerlisaz, Thank You. I really just saw it and ignored.

@kjblynx I can see the review category but I cannot find it when setting up my gig. If they are stopping Amazon review gigs that sucks…


Reply to @khhols: They really have a solid right to deny any gig - it’s their site. On the other hand, providing fake Amazon reviews is against Amazon Terms so it’s a double whammy. I have services where I provide feedback on products and books and I offer an optional review if the buyer wants it. Even then, I mostly review on my own blog instead of offering an honest review on Amazon because even though the review is a freebie add-on and not faked, it’s a gray area.


Reply to @fonthaunt: It is indeed a gray area. Thank You.

To all who replied I did figure out my category eventually. Thank you for your replies.


I know you found the category which is great, but just to let you know IF you do amazon reviews, make sure its a verified one that you actually receive the product and give an honest review. Leaving full on 5 stars on amazon for everything can get marked and flagged for amazon.

This can also lead to your account getting banned on both amazon and fiverr if you don’t cease.


Reply to @ardicus: One thing to mention on this - I have done Kindle Unlimited reviews which aren’t purchases but you do have the opportunity to read the book. The reviews are not verified but they are legitimate. I don’t do fake reviews, especially on KU, I review books that I read for my own purposes (with ratings from 1-5) and I review books that people ask me to read. You can even add a statement on your review that you were provided a link to the book for free in turn for an honest review and that is acceptable on Amazon even without a purchase.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

You know that is actually a great way to do those. I haven’t done book reviews yet but my wife has been wanting to.


Reply to @ardicus: KU is a really interesting service for reviews and prolific readers. I read so much that it’s well worth it to me and there are a lot of surprisingly good books there. I read a lot of non-fiction on KU too, a lot of which is junk, but when I find a good one I’ll buy it so I can keep the copy for reference. My spouse and I share an Amazon account too so that makes it even more worth it. I just wouldn’t recommend it to a single casual reader since you have to read a few books a month to make it worth the price.