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Category ban issue



I want to know about Fiverr category gig, If I open the gig with the same category with different subcategory will Fiverr ban my gig? suppose I open a gig called
wordpress>landing page = wp / landing page subcategory
wordpress>installation =wp / installation subcategory
wordpress>installation =wp / customization subcategory

3 gig same category with a different subcategory is it a reason for getting warnings?


If you want help you just need to make your post and those who wish to will answer.

Asking specific users for help is not how the forum works.

On this occasion I will make an exception - check out

That’s all from me.


You cannot have the same gig offering the same thing. Putting it in a different category does not matter, you still can’t have the same offer twice.

You can have different gigs in different sub categories.


thank you a lot for your valuable reply


thank you a lot …