Category Dilemma


I have three gigs: article writing, book writing, and editing. All of these fall under the same parent category: Writing & Translation.

A few months back, Customer Support confirmed that having multiple gigs in one parent category basically means you’re competing with yourself because they won’t all show at once. So, when I published my book writing gig a couple weeks ago, I put it under Digital Marketing > Content Creation, but obviously it doesn’t have that broad of a reach there.

Since we can no longer change the parent category of a gig after it has been published, I have created a duplicate book writing gig under the Writing & Translation category.

Now I have to decide which one to keep: the one under Digital Marketing that will never reach as many people but won’t compete against my other gigs, or the one under Writing & Translation that should have a broader reach but may not show all the time.

Opinions? :slight_smile:


No opinion, but let us know how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your gig is not the only one competing with the other gig so I’m not sure why it matters if you have two gigs in the same category.

Each of your two gigs would be for different but related things so they would not be competing with each other.