Category for gigs where quote is needed


As Fiverr has grown from a gig price of $5 to gigs which cost more than $5, I guess it would be better too if we can separate our gigs that may require additional costs depending on the complexity of the job or requirements of the buyer. This feature would direct the buyer to a " request a quote page" before ordering. Once the quote is done, the buyer will be notified and there will be a button to accept or reject the quote. This way, we can prevent unwanted orders and avoid sales cancellations. Currently, I just have a message in my gig description for the buyers to contact me first prior to ordering and I know some sellers are doing the same but there are still some who fails to do so. This feature can potentially save the buyers as well as the sellers time. :slight_smile:


I think we can accomplish this using the messaging system and gig extras. I feel that we as sellers should compose our gigs to work with the Fiverr system that is in place.


Reply to @prohelper27: That’s what I’m currently doing and I guess everybody else. We have our own ways of utilizing and working around the current system. This is just a suggestion that perhaps Fiverr might consider in the future that will help us sellers.


Reply to @arnevb: I did run into this scenarios a couple of times, but I didn’t opt for mutual cancellation and went ahead and completed the order on both occasions. It wasn’t ideal, but something that can be looked into.