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Category for GIS and Remote Sensing


Hello, i would like to know which category should i select for my GIS (geographic information system) related gig ? I chose “Data analysis” in “Programming and Tech” but I don’t see any Buyer Requests relating GIS data.

Any suggestion would be helpful.


You have to find out the time. Even It has no fixed.


Seems like the ideal place to put it as you’re dealing with data, but perhaps nobody’s actively looking for the type of gig you’re offering. It might be a bit too niche for Fiverr?


It has more to do with maps ( both desktop and web maps) . . but i guess your’e right.

I found a large number of GIS users on Fiverr though.


There may be a large number of sellers offering the service, but are there actually buyers? If you’re not finding any buyer requests, that might tell you something. :wink: