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Category of my Gig was Changed Automatically


I am posting in the forum for the first time. The problem being that I created a gig in the “Business” category under the sub-category “Branding Services” about a year ago and it was till mid-July 2018 when the gig category was changed to “Writing and Translation” under the sub-category “Business Names and Slogans”. My orders haven’t stopped or anything but I think it’s a glitch and should be corrected because I can’t reply to relevant buyer requests. I do not want to pause the Gig and change its category because I have heard it can be harmful. Should I generate a ticket for the problem?

Warm regards


Yes - talk to customer services.

How true is that…Lol, You have to check that properly there is know need contacting customer care,just edit and update it.

If @naseerahmad10 didn’t change the subcategory himself, he should contact customer services to ask why Fiverr did. There may be a good reason for it.

Nope. This is not a bug or a glitch. Fiverr moved your gig because they appear to want all business name/slogan gigs under the appropriately named “Business Names and Slogans” writing sub-category. Your gig no longer belongs under the broader “Branding Services” category (which now appears to be focused more towards all-encompassing brand services).

My own brand development gig was moved as well. This is NOT a bug.

Think about it: writing brand names and slogans is a writing service, is it not? The “Business Names and Slogans” category is a sub-category under “Writing and Translation”, therefore, your gig is a writing gig, and has been moved to the appropriate place.

Yes, this does limit the number of brand name/tagline buyer requests that you can see, but you shouldn’t be relying on BR for your sales to begin with. Perhaps this is a great opportunity for you to adjust your Fiverr strategies, and focus your other-gig BR responses more in the realm of your other gig categories.

Everything appears to be categorized as it should be. :slight_smile:


Thank you, everyone. Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

@jonbaas, you are right. But I do not provide brand names and titles/slogans with the gig. It’s about branding strategy and positioning your brand. I do think, however, this may not be a bug and Fiverr may have done it intentionally.

I don’t even see gigs under your profile. Did you pause them? Just curious.