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Here is the current list of categories in the Forum for reference.
Top level categories are in bold, while sub-categories are listed below them.

Fiverr FAQ
Community Rules and Guidelines
New User Introductions
Fiverr Tips
Tips for Sellers
Tips for Buyers
Your Fiverr Experience
Improve My Gig
Fiverr Stories
My Fiverr Gigs
The Ranting Pot
Fiverr Site
Forum Feedback
Fiverr Site Suggestions
Report a Bug
Community Events
Fiverrcast (Podcast)
Weekly Polls
Learn. From Fiverr
(locked to those who purchase Learn courses)
Fiverr Pro
Fiverr Affiliates
Fiverr Studio: Connections


Could a “Tips for new sellers” category be introduced?
Also potentially some other more specific tip categories? Maybe for Pros (read only for everyone else), experienced sellers, etc?

Alternatively, categorised by tip types such as “creating a gig”, “marketing”, etc.
The tips for sellers category is where most new sellers are directed but it is huge and a mish-mash of good stuff and regurgitated bad advice


I’d like to see a PG 18 ‘Bar Fight’ category that people enter at their own risk.

Sometimes having a good argument is healthy. When conversations start getting heated on the main forum, a MOD could move the tread to the Bar Fight category and just let everybody have at it. (Anyone could leave at any time, of course).

I guess it would be a bit like The Purge or Fight Club, just for Fiverr users. All posts and threads could also be deleted automatically after 12-hous. This way, arguments and altercations wouldn’t go on indefinitely.


What about a “Things I love about fiverr” category. :heart_eyes:


The last five categories don’t see much action. There’s little input from staff in those categories plus many are using the Conversations category to discuss the latter 5 in general. How about a category for Webinars in the Events section?

The Fiverr Studio section, for example, needs some restrictions in place if not plainly visible instructions on what it’s for. Maybe only make it available for those that are actually part of a studio order so that they can communicate with one another and have their conversation blocked from view by those who aren’t part of that group. AND CO needs to go.

Learn From Fiverr isn’ t really needed. Maybe in its place there could be an education section or a How to Use Fiverr and Its Features Properly section. If the Fiverr Site Suggestions is to stay, then fiverr staff needs to be more active in addressing posts; i.e. acknowledging that they’ve been read along with any decisions about the suggestion.


I’d make Fiverr FAQ it’s own top level category and have it be an actual FAQ, a read only section, with all the FAQs and answers of the simple Q/A kind, like can I have 2 accounts on different devices, that are being asked over and over again and clutter up random other categories.

Mods could move “topics” that clearly are answered by the FAQ to the relevant FAQ, in a locked state, then the people asking could read that FAQ instead of other people having to repeat themselves ad infinitum.

The FAQ could also contain "themed collections of topics about not-so-clear-Q/As in form of a list of links, like “How to make my first sale?”. Mods could curate those FAQs, and make updates if anything “official” changes, like ToS, add new relevant threads to the link lists, etc.
Like that, such questions could still be actively discussed on demand in the newer threads that would pop up in the “last posts” lists and their original category, as there can always be new people, new angles, new developments, etc., but the people actively looking for a “best of” to their question, could find it in the FAQ (and check out the linked threads for more, if it’s no simple cookie cutter FAQ).

I’d take “My Fiverr Gigs” out of “Your Fiverr Experience”, it doesn’t really belong there, IMO, and call it “THE one place to advertise your Gigs” or something.

Fiverr Tips
Tips for Sellers
Tips for Buyers

I’d drop the top level (a top level category for only 2 sub categories seems to complicate the whole category system rather than simplify it) and make both of these top level + try with “from” instead of “for”:
Tips from Sellers
Tips from Buyers

I’d add a “Forum Fun” category to Your Fiverr Experience, for things that aren’t really conversations, like the fun emoji threads and whatever people else might feel inspired to come up with at the sight of such a category. (Maybe some threads that probably would get much resonance like “You know you’ve been on Fiverr for too long when …” kind of fun threads could be pinned as “forum staples” that many people would enjoy and add to)

Perhaps move the “Weekly Polls” away from “Events” (would anyone look for a poll in “Events”? Not me., maybe also remove the “Weekly” (are they really weekly? I don’t notice them coming up in the newest topics list as often) and perhaps make it a category for all forum users to post polls in instead to make it more lively?


Great Advice! I agree with you.


Bar Fight category!!
Don’t think that would be a possibility


Some time back, @cyaxrex suggested that Fiverr could introduce some type of style area where sellers could post things about their niche, expertise, samples of their work etc. which could then be either linked to from their profiles or sent to buyers who contact them.
I feel that is a great idea and would be really useful in terms of educating buyers who are looking for services and answering questions they might have. It would also potentially be very good for bringing new buyers to Fiverr as these should rank relatively well given Fiverr’s domain strength.


That’s a great idea! How did I miss that?

Good thinking @cyaxrex


He has so many it’s tough to keep up with them all


True dat. (20 characterssssssss)


How about Fiverr Tips like below
Tips for new Sellers
Tips for experienced Sellers
Tips for Buyers.


Thank you. Two compliments in one day is quite extraordinary. I may have to have a lie-down due to the shock.

You are both pretty awesome yourselves. :slight_smile:


@cyaxrex pretty funny. :smiley::smiley:

I always enjoy your posts, keep up the good work​:+1::+1:


I suspect the Learn category will never go away because Fiverr wants to generate sales to that.


@mjensen415 thanks a lot for updating

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I know it’s WAY past suggestions for this year, so maybe for next time (unless this ends up being one of the changes).
Can there be sub-sub forums?

The FAQs could really use division into things like:

  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Site’ - for how-to, navigation, profiles, tests, user-levels, etc.
  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Gigs’ - for things to have ready prior to creation (including picture/thumbnail ratios, video limits, which categories require videos), gig category questions, etc.
  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Forums’ - concerning badges, participation, forum-levels, etc.
  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Rules and TOS’ - anything about rule clarification, maybe even the rules in other languages (only place allowed and with locked threads)
  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Mobil or Other Browsers’ - technical support type questions
  • ‘FAQ about Fiverr Customer Service’ - such as what type of things to report and how to best go about it (#1 stay polite)

The above is rough, but just a general idea to help with navigation and finding the help needed, or where best to post a thread to get help.

Edit: I suppose FAQ could just be a master category, too. Might be easier.


Amazing :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


Hi, Is Fiver Remove A Gig During This Update ( Like Pbn, Backlinks)?. Fiver cannot show a some category gigs in search result

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