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Category & Standards Update

The best-laid plans of mice… something something

Quick updates for everyone:

Community Standards - Being looked over by other groups to make sure they’re aligned with our overall Brand Voice and Purpose. Will get these updated once I get them back and final.

Category Update - I have the initial outline ready for some eyes and feedback. After taking in all the feedback there are a few changes, a few additions and a few subtractions to the categories. Keep in mind, this is going to help everyone keep on topic. The biggest change is the split of Buyer and Seller experiences. In which, tips for both are subcategories.

Happy for feedback. Changes will begin tomorrow and likely last the weekend.

Fiverr FAQ
Community Rules and Guidelines
New Forum User Introductions

Your Buyer Experience
Tips for Buyers
Buyer Success Stories

Your Seller Experience
Tips for Sellers
First Sale Thread
Improve My Gig

Fun & Off Topic
The Ranting Pot
Off Topic Conversations

Fiverr Site
Forum Feedback
Fiverr Site Suggestions
Report a Bug
Payment Discussions

Community Events
Fiverrcast (Podcast)

Learn. From Fiverr
Fiverr Pro
Fiverr Affiliates
Fiverr Studio: Connections


Does the new implementation include restrictions to keep sellers from starting new topics in sections that are meant for staff and mods to post in?


There will be some new “level permission rights” on some of the new topics. If there is a change, it will be outlined in the topic.


I still see “Improve My Gig,” but do not see “My Fiverr Gigs.” Does that mean sellers cannot advertise their gigs on the Forum anymore? Not that I ever used it, or even follow that thread as I have muted it.


Great changes/updates.


Buyer Success Stories is a great addition, but no Seller Success Stories?

Looks nice so far, those “First Sale Thread” and “Celebration” threads could do wonders for people who want to read actual stories, experiences such, and having a dedicated OT category could turn out nicely too.

The problem might still be getting people to post in the right categories, would be cool if that somehow was more in-your-face, with tool tips on hovering, pop-ups when posting for the first time in a category and such but that might not technically be feasible, idk.



I like a feedback category. Sounds interesting.


That’s are really interesting to see. It’s introduce new communication to all the community.

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Instead of “TIPS” for sellers/buyers make it something like “Suggestions” or “Recommendations” etc.

People get the word “tips” confused and thinks it’s a give me tips category. They end up asking, “I’m new. Can you give me tips?”


That’s true, but I fear the same would be true for “suggestions” or “recommendations” :thinking:

It’s the same issue as with “buyer requests”.

Probably that could only be amended by a much too long header like… “Tips for sellers from sellers who have already gotten at least one if not many orders, have read and understood the ToS and have not copied these tips from some random blog or at least quote their source and not just repeated the same old tips already written here 1001 times but at least added some personal or unique edge”

Something like that :wink:


I’ve noticed that, too.

“Tips” also tends to prompt people to parrot bad, fluffy advice they see elsewhere.


thanks for new update upcoming

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Great Advice! I agree with you. I’m also New Seller In Fiverr always Try to Read All Update Post


Looks good to hear this. I have a suggestion like integrating this forum into the Fiverr app right now its just opening a link sperately. We can’t use fourm and fiverr app at same time.


I have an additional suggestion that I guess won’t be done for various reasons but I still want to bring it up.

It would be great if there was a banner with a link to the forum rules and telling folks that if all they want to post is “thank you for the tips”, they should instead hit the like button on the actual post they want to thank for and that those “thank you” posts are going to be deleted to keep informational threads readable and relevant.

It’s really annoying to re-click threads you’re interested in, only to see yet another “thanks for your information” posted, it makes reading long threads a nuisance, wastes time, artificially blows up threads with sometimes no relevant or even bad content (tips that you’d violate ToS with if you followed them).

I’m sure I’ve posted some ‘Thank you’ posts too when I was new but if I was new now, I’d also totally understand if those posts would have been deleted because there is a like button and, after all, the rules say to use the like button for that (with good reason, sic!) and it would steam many many threads down to actual content worth reading.

It would also help new sellers because it would be much easier to read through all the threads and posts with actual content and it would certainly make the forum more attractive to regulars and to potential regulars who don’t have the time or patience for all the thank yous.

Again, not that it’s a bad thing to say thank you, quite the contrary, but you really can say thank you to anyone who gave you a good tip by using the like button, they’ll appreciate all the likes, they know you thanked them, and everyone can enjoy threads filled with informational or fun stuff.

It would actually not be anything new but just enforcing of an existing forum rule.
I realize that might be too much work for the mods but maybe there’s a way to share that load with the community (give regulars with a certain trust level the option to delete such posts; add a “low priority” flag option that will put those posts on a list for mods to work on when there’s time, or perhaps there’s a “bulk delete” feature for them or something).


Updated. Please check 'em out!


All the different categories are popping up again, even though I have (or had anyway) most of them muted and hidden.

That’s a temporary thing, I assume?

Thanks for the update. I like that :blush:

Hi there!

I just happened to look at the “Community standards” link now on the fiverr homepage Community Standards
And I was wondering about a few of these “Do Nots”…like testimonials:

I do voiceover and often I get scripts for reading an actual testimonial for a company, that was submitted to them by a real person—they just want a pro recording of it for their website…is that against regulations now?

Also, there’s a section banning “Have someone represent you in your gig”…I also have done in the past, orders for other sellers where I do the voiceover for their gig video–again, is that now not allowed?

I’m just a little put off by some of these restrictions. Some, to be honest, are obvious and very much appreciated…but these two? I’m scared that I’ll unwittingly violate community standards with such a gray area of Dos and Don’ts.


February 2020, Fiverr updated their Terms of Service page. Again. Without notifying any of the users. Please inform the sellers and buyers when you update the Terms of Service so that we can review the changes and make sure we communicate the latest version in circumstances that call for them. It seems obvious, but apparently I have to request that Fiverr does this.

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They do it every few months, always without notifications.

I think it was forbidden a while ago.

I think it used to be fine if the sellers weren’t offering voice-overs themselves, but those things keep changing. It was even mentioned on the forum that it’s no longer allowed to offer any kind of help with other sellers’ gigs. I’m not sure there’s an official clarification somewhere, though.

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