Category Success Initiative


Received earlier:

They’re reviewing applications now. Wonder how long it will take before we know more? :slight_smile:


I’ve received this a few days ago, still no development…


They’ve been so vague, I’m curious :smile:


Well hopefully this won’t screw over those that didn’t apply.


Why didn’t they apply? As far as I know, everyone received that email… right?


I did apply and did receive this e-mail a few days back. Not all sellers are on the forums so I was wondering what would happen to those who didn’t make the cut or didn’t apply.


I did not receive this email, what is this about?


It’s for those who applied to the mysterious “Category Development Initiative” :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: how do one apply and what is the benefit?


Here’s the info:


Thanks, I appreciate that.


I received it 2 days ago :smiley: I;m excited to see next phase :smiley: