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Category Update: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing - New Service Types & Descriptions

Metadata Updates
Note: This is a very important update to the SC, as it will allow Buyers to sort based upon the platform they want to target in addition to the target audience they are looking to go after.
Platform - Which platform does the social influencer operate on: Facebook, email, Tumblr, etc.
Target Audience - Which audience should see the content?
Strategy & Research - Focused on demystifying the world of Influencer Marketing and provide Buyers direction about the types of influencers they should go after and how best to engage with them

  • Action Plan - A list of action steps that give the buyer a long-term strategy after completion of the gig.
  • Niche Influencers Identified - The number of important influencers relating to the Buyer’s niche that you will identify for the Buyer. Range of: 1-20
  • Keywords/Hashtags Researched - The number of keywords and/or hashtags that you will research on the Buyer’s behalf so that they can optimize their content for maximum exposure to a relevant niche. Range of: 1-10
  • Niche Trend Research - A research report of the major trends happening within a specific niche

Shoutouts & Promotion - Focused on utilizing the power of our large (and growing) group of Sellers who will publish a Buyer’s messages to their following across a variety of platforms

  • Additional Links - Enable this PF to allow Buyers to post multiple links inside of a promotional message Ex. Social profile link, page URL, prodcut URL, etc. Range of: 1-5
  • Audience Size - The size of an audience that the Buyer’s message will be promoted to. Range of: 1 - 10,000,000
  • Number of Posts - The number of messages that you will post for the Buyer. Range of: 1-20
  • Permanent Post - As part of this service, you will permanently leave up the Buyer’s post
  • Social Posts Created - The number of different social media messages that you will write for the Buyer. Range of: 1-10


Guide me more in this as I am interested in correcting all of my Gigs. I am a 7 years experience Digital Marketer.


i really dont understand what that mean? is should all gig prices including 3 packs? if not service will deleted?

im afraid if i did some edit pricing in gig the gig will disappear from search? any risk?

please help


Did you get any answers? If so, would you please share. I do not understand what they mean either and can’t get any answers.


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