Catergories.. where should I stick it [ARCHIVED]


I need some honest input, I have a family tree gig and I have had it under OTHER the entire time even when sub-catagroeis came out. Anyhow I need input on if I should file it under something else and if so where should I stick it (cue the one liners) Seriously I want to have it catagorized correctly and need some input. Thanks


Reply to oldbittygrandma: I like the way this forum flows seems better that the LINKEDIN forum (my day job boss would have a cow if he knew what I did all day but all my work was done LOl)


I agree categories are a real challenge. While it gives buyers fewer results…it means sellers also get fewer views.


Reply to anarchofighter: Thats why I figured I should stay where I am since I have planted roots there already but wanted to make sure you all didn’t feel there was better category for me to place my gig