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Cause I had a bad day - Lets get you smiling again!

Cause you had a bad day… Many of you might sing along to these words as they are lyrics of a well known song by Daniel Powter. Furthermore it sometimes is also the truth about your day.

However I ask myself: Why be sad, when you can be happy? I don’t know either.

So in case you are feeling down and sad, be sure to give the link a go:

Your smile is just two clicks away



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That is a brilliant idea. Wont say much, lets let people find out for themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your feedback!

WOW! Great idea~! :hugs:

Caution: sharing personal information in against TOS.
Did you take permission from CS? If not, then you should! If they acknowledge it later, you gig/account will disappear. If yes, good luck for executing a nice idea :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback as well as your hint about TOS.

The personal information I require Is fairly superficial, I am in contact with customer support however just to be very sure about it.

Have a nice one

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