Caution for sellers : Fiverr can cancel 1 Month old completed orders


Enough is Enough now this happened with me 3rd time now fiverr canceled my 1 month old completed order worth $64 and the reason is again that shitty statement.

OMG caution for all new and old sellers

for more details see my previous discussion.


What was the exact reason for the cancellation? Did they lose the followers you provided or have issues with the traffic delivered?


Everything is the perfect on order client bought 100k youtube views on several videos all his videos are still alive and views are on his videos even buyer left positive feedback for that order so i suggest you to read the support answer in 3rd screenshot you will know the exact reason.


Very sad things :frowning: i request to fiverr Admin to look after this fact :frowning:


Actually this happened with me 3rd time 1st time they canceled orders worth $1300 2nd time they canceled orders worth $130 and this time $64 and no solid reason or hope provided by fiverr support so i am just trying to tolerate because all these kind of freelance or Microjobs sites just suck the blood of sellers and now this is a normal thing for me because i am working online since 3 years and had so many this kind of experiences with freelance sites :frowning:


So take it up with paypal…

My guess is the buyer thought you were delivering views of real people, that could turn into buyers. You delivered either bot traffic or used a traffic exchange type program, which is useless to the buyer and is against youtube TOS. If you want to avoid that in the future, state in your gig what methods you plan to use and what the buyer should expect.


Dear i got in trouble with these kind of buyers thrice so i know what they do.

Just order gigs with extras so seller try to deliver high quality work once they get their work completed then they open dispute on paypal for all payments.

then fiverr refund all their payments instantly to avoid disputes being reviewed by paypal, deduct the money from seller account and delete that buyer fiverr account. so they just create new account and do this same with another seller.


If it happened to you 3 times, you need to consider there is an issue with what you are doing. I’ve completed plenty of orders here and have not had that happened. If it occurred a whole month later it is more than likely because buyers realize the traffic delivered is not what they expected.

What you are suggesting is also not possible, because fiverr tracks if multiple accounts are opened with the same pay pal account.


its not a difficult to buy Vcc paypal account dude you will understand when this will happen with you…


Yes, it can happen to anyone, but if it’s happening to you over and over again you do need to consider the work you are doing has something to do with it.