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(Caution) Problem With "Available Now" Feature


Today, I got 2 new messages from 2 new buyers while my “Available Now” option was turned on.
I replied them within less than 1 minute from both of my Desktop and Mobile App. But I realized every time the “Available Now” option was automatically turning off. Also, showed me a warning (Screenshot attached).

Fiverr says, “If you do not reply in time for three times, you will not be eligible to be part of Available Now for the next 30 days.”.

So, I’m scared of this, very badly. It needs to be fixed ASAP. I’m never gonna turn that ON again until Fiverr fixes this.


In case you haven’t noticed, the “Available Now” feature is in BETA stage, so that means it isn’t final and can have bugs, which you agreed to the moment you turned it on :wink: Right now it’s in Testing mode, and you can choose to test it, or not test it by leaving it off.

All bugs should be reported to Customer Support - we can’t do anything here, only CS can assist you and do any resets.


I already reported that problem to CS, I just posted it here to let others know about the problem.

Thank you


well, thats actually we must know. thanks for the good information.

I have kept available now option turned on, lets see what happens when i receive a message.


Let us know your experience…


I have also turned it on today since 5 hours ago. So far I hadn’t a problem with it since no one sent me a message yet.


What do buyers see when a seller has that turned on?


A little black waving arm at the bottom of the gig with the word NOW.


Do they have to click on the gig to see it? Or do they see it in the listings of gigs?


I saw it in the listings only.


Here you go:


If you go to a category and look at the top there is a thing like the pro thing to click if you want to see available now gigs first. They are shown first and that little now is at the bottom of the gig thumbnail.


The symbol looks like somebody putting their hand up to ask permission to go to the loo!


OMG, this is funny as s*%t. :joy: :toilet:


I think it’s very distracting to have that and it takes my eye away from the rest of the gig.

It’s much darker and more commanding than anything else on the gig.


I know what you’ll be thinking the next time you look at it! :wink::smiley:


Once a teacher always a teacher! :slightly_smiling_face:



Too true - thank goodness I can’t give detentions any more! :smiley:


No one will bother to look at any other gigs than the NOW ones.


I feel sorry for you though! Can you turn it on and I will message you for test purpose?