Celebrating my 1st $20,000 in fiverr


Its been a great journey! and i am here in fiverr just over 1 and half year! I did not have any idea about fiverr , just found the site from google open an account , and the very 1st day i got an order of $5 . i dont remember my 1st clients name though, after fiverr i really want to thank him, that $5 make me believe that, maybe can earn some money from this site. to be honest, i did not have that much expectation . after 2 months . i set my goals $500 every month. with time that goal become bigger, now its $4000, and that i am achieving for last 2 months! Hopefully i can take this goal to a next level in coming days.

but It just not about set up the goal, i started working hard too with time, now sometimes 15/16 hours a day! i got tired . go to the bed but , next morning when i wake up, its a new day. i love making designs. never get bored ! i may have few negative reviews , but i accept it as a part of the job. sometime its hard to make everyone happy, still maintaing a overall 4.9 ratings, and i always recommend fiverr to my friends and anyone i know that having money problem. i would suggest do anything we love, not just copy paste work, to earn some money, its not gonna work for long run. 1st few days is always hard, but more time and effort you put. more better result you will get!
I wish every one very good luck here . make people happy with your creativity, money will come easily!

Carolina MAteus


Congratulations Carolina.


Congratulations brother .Your post give me a new motivation.


Congratulations :smiley:


Love it! Hat’s off to you.

The super long days, crazy late nights:
Me and my family call it “FSDS”.

(“Fiverr Sleep Deprivation Syndrome”)

Note if you’ve ever started any business this is normal. The first couple of years can be intense during the stages where you are getting established. Just part of journey to almost any success.

I’ve had my share of nights being up until early morning because that’s what was needed if a flood of orders arrived. Just life during the start of most small businesses (on their way to being larger businesses).



hi Jus!
keep motivated yourself! sky is the limit!

all the best :slight_smile:


Greetings from Sri Lanka… Keep your nice work!


Handsome amount. Congrats.


Here its come another one :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite something, congrats.


Well Congratulations - Job well done…


Accept my heartiest congratulations!!


Congratulations. I’m not too far behind, so look over your shoulder for me!!!


Thanks a lot to everyone! wish everyone very successful fiverr journey


Hello @carolina_mateus ,

I Read Your Story And Seriously I’m Pumped Up :sunglasses: You Are The Inspiration We Are Also Struggling To Become TOP RATED SELLER We Are Hopeful We Will Acchive This Goal Soon And We Wish You Best Of Luck For You Future Goals :blush:

Thank You
Graphic Bros

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congrats! I am registered with fiver from more than 3 years I guess or more but never focused. Now I have started selling and it is brilliant.


Congratulations, Carolina! Savor this success! :slight_smile:


Good on you mate! You seem to have maxed out your gigs, which is great. You seem to have a system that works for you. I wish you luck and continued success.


Another great Fiverr story that will inspire others. Congratulations! :slight_smile:


congratulations …:+1: