Celebrity portrait or not?


Hi there

I’m working on a new portrait drawing gig,

(yes, I know there are many gigs like this but with 7 Billion people in the world I think there will be enough work for everyone, and of course mine will be unique :D)

and I’m wondering should I put a celebrity portrait as an example of my work, or a portrait of friends?

I didn’t see anyone who puts a celebrity as an example, and I wonder why, I don’t think it’s forbidden…

I think that if you put portrait of friend buyers can’t know if it’s similar or not to the real person, but on the other side it’s look more genuine…

What do you think?


I’ve used celebrity examples on one of my gigs and I’ve seen other people do it too. I don’t think you’ll get in trouble for it :slight_smile:


Reply to @refugeek:

Thank you, you have nice gigs.


If you’re not sure of which to use, why not use both?


I will order your gig soon…


Reply to @quality_g_igs12:Yes, I decided to combine both, one will be of Don Draper (from Mad Men, which is my favorite character), one of the singer Lana Del Rey and one of a little boy I knew.


Reply to @mayasari: Thanks, I will upload the gig after the weekend, it wil be great!


I’m a celeb… Can always draw me :slight_smile: I’ll let you do it for free


Reply to @seemydeath: Great :slight_smile:


Just trying to put Don Draper’s face in every gig I can…


Reply to @nkesher: I’m a guy. But if god chose to bring me back to this earth. I wanna be Don Draper. He is one cool mofo