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Censored Again! - Create Blacklist, Get Censored - It's Important To Buyers & Sellers


Yesterday I posted regarding the creation of a blacklist of buyers, sellers and scammers. Today, censored, it’s gone. This is the how fiverr reacts to helping improve their own system fearing that it will affect their own revenue. But, in fact, it will help the system to become a better place for all. But, in the mean time, the fraud continues to grow and fiverr has long past the saturation point of it’s micro job concept.


A list like this will never work for the simple reason that people with their own

agenda’s will start throwing mud and the person having their name besmirched may not even know about it, let alone be able to respond, as many buyers and sellers do not frequent this forum.

If you think the situation is bad now with some people on both sites of the fence

( buyers and sellers) leaving negative feedback for what may be, or may appear to be, frivolous and spiteful reasons and some sellers using any means they can find to sully the reputation of competitors to try and gain an advantage by whatever means they can in the marketplace, then you can just about imagine what would happen with a blacklist.

The only practical way at the moment to deal with any disputes is through support, regardless of what you think of them. Trust me when I say I have been on the end of some strange behavior but the fact is this, they are the only people who are going to hear both sides of any dispute and have the facts to hand, stripped of any “embellishments” that are added to see what is really going on and judge any situation on merit to the best of their abilities.


So kjblynx, so where is smarty?

markp, I can almost guarantee that a blacklist will be created, but it won’t be on this fiverr site. Buyers and sellers need to be safe and it’s an essential part of doing business these days.


I don’t have time to create some list but others do. I rarely have time for this silly forum which seems to be unproductive because you seem to challenge everything that is being said in favour of fiverr and maybe that’s why you’re here. That’s why others don’t post anything because it useless. So kjblynx, where’s my post from yesterday if it wasn’t deleted? Send me a link.


So kjblynx, you are standing by ready to write another challenge to what I say. I just came on this forum for the past couple of days and now I’ll leave again as there is no point. Fiverr was good in the beginning but it’s gone downhill.


That;s the wrong link kjblynx. The title starts with Hey Fiverr - It’s time to create a blacklist of Buyer’s Sellers and Scammers.

Find that kjblynx. When do let me know.


Why edit? Then you’ll manipulate your original post to say something else which is not ethical and another reason why I would question you as a seller.

Anyhow, Do what you want, I’ve had enough. Anyone who has further questions can contact me directly.


Thank you for confirming that issues for buyers and sellers no longer matter to fiverr.


Several hundred people read the post in a very short time so it was a concern to people. I rest my case. Lol.


I already proved my point yesterday and again now with you. Thanks for participating.


LOL, I’m not a troll. I just stated the facts and you answered. There is nothing else to say. Take care and be happy!


madmoo you are funny! First you say there is no “big conspiracy to censor anyone” and then you stated “a post gets temporarily removed to see if any details need removing”. That’s censoring and you admit it. Congratulations on contradicting yourself. I rest my case. Lol.


bachas85 you lose twice. The first link was posted after the deletion of the posting. The second link is a different topic. This posting is related to the another posting that was deleted. When the truth is posted, it is quickly deleted to ensure there are no side effects to fiverr’s revenues. You girls will always conspire against the postings of everyone as you volunteered to do so. But, people are not stupid as they can read between the lines and you always want to have the last say on the topic.



I personally don’t understand this topic at all. It’s clearly written and stated over and over again that calling out buyers and sellers is not allowed. So this entire post is really a waste of time since blacklisting a buyer or seller is “Calling someone out”.

You can’t consider yourself as being censored when it’s you, in fact that broke the rules in creating this list.

I’m not slandering here, or trying to be mean. But you knew the rules and chose to break them. So how are you being censored? Censored implies that someone just didn’t want what you say to be public, so it was removed. But breaking the rules isn’t censoring, it’s breaking the rules and should be removed.

And why, in essence is calling people out not allowed? Well, I’m not Fiverr… but a good guess would be this. IF everyone was allowed to call someone out and complain about them, you’d have people posting just to cause trouble for someone else. You’d have sellers, competing in the same field of gigs, calling eachother out to discredit them… So they could pick up the dropped gigs. There are lots of good, valid reasons calling out is not allowed. It would do way more harm than good. Hell. If I didn’t like your post, I could call you out, get some support behind me and ruin you. All because I didn’t like your post. Do you see my point?


For some reason I find it hilarious when “top sellers” go at it. giggles


@kjblynx - Maybe ot was never actually created, but the topic remains the same. Posting regarding creating a blacklist, is still about… creating a blacklist.


I think a little interjection here and I’m going to try and make it simple.

  1. Posting inflammatory comments about other users is not allowed.
  2. Posts that display usernames in this manner will be moderated.
  3. Posts that are deemed to be in the wrong category will be moved.

    None of your topics were removed as advised in the last thread I updated.

    Let’s play nice please, It’s Monday morning… :slight_smile: #Peace


Haha, all you so called sheriffs make me laugh. Apparently there’s a lot of watchers of this posting and one person was good enoug to send me the link which proves the post was removed.

There was nothing inflammatory at all. I was a good little boy with the posting.

As I said before fiverr doesn’t want to lose revenue so anything that is contrary to their belief will be delete. Straight and simple.

So, sheriffs, do your your work and keep it quiet. Please close this thread.


There is no need to be rude Edume.

I don’t see what the issue is, in all fairness, if you violated the rules, posts will be removed or moderated, no one here has any interest shutting you down or censoring you…


Hey guy, you are another funny one and I am not rude, just direct. Of course no one is “shutting you down” but they are censoring.

Thank you to the buyers and sellers who sent me messages of support.

Second time, close the thread. Have a great Monday and smile! Lol.