Century on fiverr. Would like to hear mainly from TRS, old members and high volume sellers, but I am open to all the sellers too


Yesterday I hit my first goal, A century reviews for my work since joining Fiverr. I don’t know Level-1, Level-2 & TRS was and will never be my goal, The next goal is 1000 reviews.
My request to the community is to visit my profile https://www.fiverr.com/jelsinardaooo and please let me know if I can survive with these gigs for a long term journey on Fiverr. Don’t get mad at me, I am asking this question because I get red arrows pointing down on every gig I have, But luckily less click, fewer views, and high conversion ratio. For Every 5 views, I get 3 clicks and 1 order.


I really only pay attention to my monthly revenue. Many times, revenue is up when impressions are down (and the other way around).

My most popular gig averages 20k impressions a week. My writing gig has red arrows, but I don’t care. It changes week to week. As long as 30 day stats are up (especially the “orders”), that’s all I care about :smile:

Keep growing your client base and reviews, you can certainly make good money in your niche.


T[quote=“sydneymorgan, post:2, topic:140618”]
I really only pay attention to my monthly revenue.

That’s an awesome response. I will stop bothering the impressions, clicks, and view. In the mean time spending 30minutes on gig status pages is not worth it. I must change the way I do because I spend 30 minutes on gig status page every day. lol


When I first found the stats, I was obsessive over them. It will drive you crazy :smile:


True, The same thing happens to me. And I started searching all over the forum how to get impressions, click and views before I finally posted this here.


OH MaN !!! :smiley: you having so busy time :smiley: