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Certain message not showing

I know I received a message form my buyer through the inbox. I received the alert on my phone, I saw part of it and when I went to open the app it was gone. I got on through the browser, and I see our conversation at the top of the list as if there was a recent message, but his message isn’t there. On the app it shows the last conversation was an hour ago, my last message was 3 hours ago. It’s only happening with this 1 person. Anyone else having this issue?

Happened to me 2 days ago, a potential buyer messaged me and I got a notification on my phone and I saw a part of it then I tried to open the whole message on my fiverr app but the message wasn’t there, the buyer’s name was in my inbox but the message was blank like it was gone. I tried to open it on fiverr website but it wasn’t there.