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Chaging the country


Hi, I recently moved to Canada from Azerbaijan and I am thinking to change number and flag of my Fiverr account.
Do you think changing fiverr flag will help me to get more customers, because many people know Canada and not my native country?


Your flag isn’t likely to help or hurt you with anything as long as it doesn’t cause the appearance of deception. Locations can occasionally matter for people offering services like translation or writing in a specific language but even with those buyers will look at sample work as real proof. For most services it doesn’t matter what your flag says, it matters that you can communicate well and deliver what you promise.

Fiverr usually won’t change the location for you on request anyway. The location usually automatically changes after you’ve logged in from a specific location over a period of time. I’d just leave your account as it is and let the system handle what the location/flag does. If you deliver great services the buyers will come.


Then why do Fiverr gives us this option? :thinking:

Is it because many people ask this question and they added that query in the dropdown selection menu? :roll_eyes:


I can’t answer that one - that may be new or it may be that they just usually let the system auto-handle it. I’m answering based on tons of forum posts where people did ask for Fiverr to change the location and they were told that the system would do it. :woman_shrugging: