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Chance to prove my self?

Hi all,
i am Rasel ahmed from Bangladesh, i am a WordPress theme developer , front end developer and customizer. i also fixing any kind of WordPress error.i work for a local company as a WordPress Developer.
Now here is the thing, when i created my gig,i have few clients in fiverr, now a days i cant get one,can any one tell me what is the problem?

If there anything to prove myself then suggest me which can i do?Please free to suggest me if you are success as wordpress developer in fiverr .

Best regards,
Rasel Ahmed

I, for one, keep telling new sellers like you what to do, over, and over, and over… and it’s getting old. Please take responsibility for your success, read the forum, and see what I, and many other veteran sellers, have already said on the issue of success.

If you truly want to be successful, you’ll stop begging for someone to give you a step-by-step manual, and you’ll make use of the thousands of threads on this topic already posted here on this forum. Take action for yourself… don’t demand that other people take action so you don’t have to. You’re a freelancer. Get busy learning how to get busy!


Thanks a lot for being kind.