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Chang my account security question

OK This is borderline intentional stupidity. ( Just had to delete about 200 words of my Irate tirade). It ook me at least 7 attempts to set up my direct deposit. I Guess I need to know how to go back in and change the security question I used when I was setting up my direct deposit account. The choice of questions was the stupiest thing I have ever seen…

What is my fathers’ birthday? Really??? Can 1 in a 1000 people answer that question?
What was my favorite collage professor’s name? You won’t believe this; I didn’t go to collage.

Every question I was offered was equally as stupid and useless. **************************************************************************
it wasn’t going allow me to complete the form if I didn’t pick one of the inane questions it was offering me

Needless to say if I am ever to have need of any of this info it’s going to be totally useless to me because I’ll have no idea what it’s asking for.

Is there anyone sane working at Fiverr?

Can I change this security question. I’ve already got an hour and a 1/2 into this operation.

I’d really like to be finished with this nonsense before the day is out.

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Think you need to remove the name you chose from the forum.


Wait, is that not a thing that most people know?


You know, I do get what you are saying because I use a lot of websites that have security questions and 90% of them are idiotic or impossible to remember. The thing is, I can blame Fiverr for all sorts of things but not this. They are likely using a third party service to deliver those questions because they are exactly like ones that are encountered on tons of sites. The worst of them for me has been the USA social security system which asks for about 8 different answers and are things like: “Which zip code did you have in 1994?”

One person I know handles all these sites by just using a simple spreadsheet and keeping track of answers for each site. They don’t use real data in most cases, they just make up a set of answers that they can use repeatedly. You can also get encrypted password managers to store that data. It’s easier and less frustrating to find a smart workaround.

Hmm… I guess you’re right. I spend a lot of time on the web but most of the security questions I come across have questions like “What was your mother’s maiden name” or who was your best friend in high school or grade school", “What was the name of your grade / high school”, What was your first car." but these were just ridicules.

So anyway I’m getting the idea there’s no way to change the question. As I noted I was on about my 7th attempt trying to get the direct deposit set up and on one occasion I did see a question that I at least had an answer for. It seems there are a different set of questions each time.

I just though maybe someone at Fiverr would like to be aware of this sort of thing as It certainly impacts the work ability of their web site / business.

Anyway have a good day.