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Chang the "Extend Delivery" function so that it's useful


One of the biggest issues that buyers face is not getting the correct info during the order. The clock starts immediately whether we receive all the required info or not. The frustrating part is when the delivery is anywhere from 1 day to 3 days because the buyer has FOUR days to respond. Almost every late order that I’ve ever had was because a buyer didnt respond to my resolution in time and the clock ran out making the order late.

Instead of beating us up for no reason, how about you change the extend delivery function to require a response up to 1 minute before the clock runs out? That way if some buyer has no sense of urgency we do not get hit for a late delivery…

None of it is perfect but it really gets old when people order, say they sent the info, didnt, and then disappear for a week causing a seller to be late through no reason of their own.


Or, you could just set your delivery time to be longer than 1-3 days. You can set your delivery up to 30 days. If this is repeated issue for you, then maybe you need to account for the reception of necessary information by having longer delivery times.


That is not a relevant idea.

We shouldn’t need to set artificially long lead times to circumvent an illogical system. This doesn’t only impact me. It impacts anybody in any category where a less than 4 day lead time is expected/required for an order. Which happens to be most categories. In the voiceover category if I tried to have a lead time of over 4 days then I’d never get an order. It’s a 24-48 hour category if you want to be competitive.

Personally, I have enough volume to keep from falling under 95% even with buyers not supplying requirements. But some people are hurt badly by it if they do not have the throughput.

It’s simple, the math that they use to set up the resolution path is unfair to the seller. And yes, I understand that it’s a buyers platform. But that doesnt mean that we shouldnt ask for improvements.

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Then why not buck the crowd, and set a new trend? I am a voice actor myself, and I don’t rush to get projects done in 24 hours. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Set your delivery time longer. You can still complete the orders that have all the information you need in the same time you already complete orders. Plus, the system will see you as delivering well ahead of schedule, which may actually be a benefit to you. And, with the buyers who don’t provide all the information you need right away, you’d have a little more leway to collect it and still deliver on time. It’s win-win either way.

It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to organize your interactions with buyers. If you need more time, give yourself more time.

It’s probably not a good idea to refer to your clients in such a derogatory way. What if some of them were to read your comments here on the forums? I can’t imagine that would be good for business.

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This is the “Fiverr Site Suggestions” forum. You can debate about what I “could” do all all day. That doesn’t change the fact that their system timing is broken. So I’m “suggesting” that they rethink it.

It does currently cause issues that are not necessary and it could be improved.

It’s that simple.


I am aware of the forum name. I merely offered a reasonable solution to your situation. If you choose not to consider my suggestion, that’s up to you. I wish you luck as you continue to find other ways to deal with your concerns.