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Change a Thumbs Down to a Thumbs Up

I have several Fiverr orders and they all went great. For the first time, I had a bad experience and the item wasn’t delivered. It turns out that they just missed my messages and then fixed things and I am again happy.

Is there a way to change my “thumbs down” rating into a “thumbs up?”

I cannot find a thumbs up or down option. I just bought something and the seller did a great job so I clicked on the 5 stars option and wrote a nice note. The seller wrote back and said I somehow put in a thumbs down, how do I fix that to thumbs up if I can’t even see that option? Thanks!

Reply to @mrgerrykc: If they are looking at it on the fiverr app it may show a thumbs down instead of stars, that happened to me. I wouldn’t worry though if on the full website it shows stars.