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Change already set username

Hi, can we change our username that shows on our profile. my username is xeron646 and i want to change it. how i can do this.


Sorry for that , you never can do this because of it is totally out of fiverr role
you need to continue with this user name and wish you good luck

sir is username effects on fiverr to get order.

NO, you cannot change your username.

right but you were needed to discuss before your account create

Your username is your unique identity on Fiverr and it cannot be changed. If you want to use another username, you will need to close your account and create a new one. If you would like to use the email address in your current account for your new account, please change it before closing it.

To change your email address:

  1. Go to your profile Settings .
  2. Enter your new email and click Save .
  3. You’ll receive an email to your current email address requesting to confirm the change. Once the change is confirmed, you’ll receive another email to your new email address finalizing the change.

If you verified your phone number before:
You will receive an email confirmation to your new email address. Click on the link in the email to continue. After clicking on the link in the confirmation email, you will receive an SMS phone code to finalize the change.

If you don’t have access to your current email address, complete the phone verification process to receive the confirmation message to your new email. Learn how to verify your phone here.

To close your account, go to your profile Settings .


  • If you have funds in your account, you will need to withdraw your funds before deactivating your account.
  • If you would like to use your existing email address for your new account, you’ll need to first change the email address on your existing account, and then close the account.

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@xeron646 you can’t change user name!

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Sorry, you can not change your username.

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I dont think that is possible as it is against fiver rule.