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Change Available now feature, only for first message, please!


Available now feature must be changed, as 5 mnts time to answer is ok for the first message, but after 2 days of sending messages to a client it still works on same basis. It should be only for first message answer, cant go on for ever.
please revise your site ideas before putting our years working on fiverr in the game, or better said out of game. You are not exactly helping.


your test are making our years in fiverr seem like a waist. So sorry to tell you this, but I have contribute for sample as Spanish translation project of fiverr. Know days no Spanish at all. All dead.
Then you have continue doing tests until I barely get 3 messages per months. Not to speak about selling.
Used to have about 60 clients per months asking for something.
So to whom this testes are run for? …Wall street?

If I need to promote myself so much, what fiverr does this days?..I guess owners have changed…and wall street have eat it
I need to promote my clients to see my fiver competition? what is the logic here?