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Change cancel order to "Order cancelled by mutual agreement"

I didnt know if I cancel an order without leaving comment with lower the seller’s rate. I want to make up for the seller… how can I fix it? at least change it into “Order cancelled by

mutual agreement”

If you want to cancel an order by mutual agreement, then you can simply cancel orders and if the seller accepts it that will be fine same thing can do seller as well. Just need to agree from both sides, about cancellation.

hello i need to know if any one ever had and order canceled with out the buyer and your agreement. for example i did the order and deliver to the client and the client/buyer was pleased and gave a five star review. then few days later i received a message saying the order was canceled by mutual agreement!! please note that neither i or the client came to such agreement. we have no knowledge of how he order was canceled matter a fact the client have not came back online since he received his delivery and gave his 5 star review. and i cant contact the client to ask him any thing because fiverr block me from communicating with him. please reply urgently because i need back my money!!

Fiverr caters to the buyer, they are spending the money. The buyer took your order and then reported to customer support and received a refund. You did the work, but you will not get paid for it.

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