Change currency of fiverr to British Pound


Well at least it’s still a fiver and since USD is sliding down year after year, I think it’s about time to make this change.




There is this wonderful thing called “Conversion Rates” So that IF Fiverr ever switched the currency of payout… Paypal still has to convert it to USD value. So you would still end up with the same $4 per gig. Actually probably less, because now you would have to pay exchange rate fees.

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Oh, I think PayPal can use Pounds. But setting that aside, the OP made this claim:

USD is sliding down year after year, the strength of the Dollar is quite fine. And the degree to which it is the “exchange currency” means it will remain so.


When you withdraw your money, you have the option on PayPal to automatically convert it to pounds. Alternately you can choose to do it manually when the exchange rate is good :slight_smile:

I think you can also have a PayPal account that just stays in dollars. Either way it’s worth keeping an eye on the exchange rate as it makes a difference to us UK sellers. Although on your map it says you live the US so this shouldn’t be an issue for you :wink:


I think what the OP is suggesting is charging 5GBP instead of 5USD. This means fiverr could charge much for the initial whilst keeping the name “fiverr”.

5USD is a very tiny base rate and its only getting smaller…


You would be more accurate if you said it’s constantly "changing"

This is the nature of currencies and exchanges, the rates change. There’s no “problem” with the US Dollar.


For that matter, it motivates international buyers, as well as, US buyers, the biggest buying block.