Change deadline date with approval of customers?


Sometimes I get customers that tell me not to hurry up, or give me a longer deadline than the one I specify in the gig. I try to deliver on time for the gig, but it would be nice if the deadline for a certain gig could be changed, with the approval of the customer.

Say, X asks me 5 pictures - he says to give him in 30 days. It would be nice if I had an option to extend the deadline and not mess up my “lateness” regarding orders.

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I had a guy that said to not hurry and take my time, since I was doing something very complex for the 5$ he was giving me, but apparently after some days of lateness fiverr auto-cancelled the gig and lowered my rating? I don’t think that should happen without the explicit consent of the customer…I want my rating back :< Do you think going to CS and telling them the situation (with screenshots and proof that’s what the customer wanted) might help?

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Like a mutual “extend delivery date option”, I dig it! I could have used that once because one time I had a buyer who wasn’t responding for a week and then after my final attempt to contact them they told me they had a family member in the hospital.

Maybe it would work the same way as “mutual cancelations” but instead of auto-canceling after 2 days, it would auto-extend after 2 days, for 2 days. Giving you 4 days total. :x


Alternatively you can simply mark an order as complete with your buyer and say you will be delivering in the near future. If you both agreed, marking it as complete shouldn’t worry the buyer and they have plenty of time to leave good or bad feedback either way.

I am all for longer extended periods of time, especially with some of the things I offer to clients. Usually what I do to associate longer time is to break down the order. So I would so so and so right now in THIS order, and when we get to the next part, I would tell them to follow up ordering so and so gigs. This works well a lot of times, and generally results in a much bigger profit margin than was expected.

I would CONTACT CS as soon as possible screen-shotting the area where the buyer suggested to you to take as long as need-be and inform them you were unaware of an automatic late delivery feedback. I am sure if they see that the buyer told you to take your time, they should be understanding and remove it for you.

freelancemm said: Alternatively you can simply mark an order as complete with your buyer and say you will be delivering in the near future.

Fiverr Customer Support actually tell sellers not to do this.

There are only a handful of times I've delivered an empty gig and that is with buyers who have bought from me in the past and know that I stick to my word.

I have one current buyer who finds it easier to order with my extra fast, since it covers the same amount for the number of articles he wants, but I deliver them on a set time period already agreed on. We've agreed that he orders like that, I mark it delivered but actually deliver the articles later on in the week as previously agreed.

When it comes to larger orders. I ask them to order over a series of days. It's annoying for some buyers but much better through the system. Most buyers aren't too put off buy it and I've had one recently who didn't expect to be able to order all at once and wanted to know my limit per day.