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Change GIG title for more better earning

Need pro suggestions.
My niche is Wordpress related.
I’ve a nice fiverr portfolio. I’ve seen top rated sellers have changed their gig title from bug fixing to complete wordpress website development to earn more.
Is it good thing to change the title?
I’m interested to change title because bug fixing is no more of my skills area due to lack of time.
I’m quite ambivalent because i just want to change it from bug fixing to complete web development whereas i already offered complete web development in my other gig.
this entire para might be difficult to understand. Please comment so i can grasp it for better.
Should i change GIG title or not?


Do what you need to do to improve your gig.


If bug fixing is something you do not have time to do suggest you do not have a gig for bug fixing.


yea i want to. Can you please put some suggestions?

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I had the time, but don’t have right now. Because i planned to deal in full-website-creation.

so my intentions are to change bug-fixing gig to full-website-creation.


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If that is your plan then go for it!



isn’t kindaa violation?

and having 2 gigs with similar titles and might be similar keywords wouldn’t also be a problem?

Please suggest.


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Sounds like it would be so it looks like it will just have to be one gig for the thing that you will have time to do. You could always pause the other gig meanwhile.


Like I said, do what you need to do to improve your gig. It is your gig. You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t take risks to improve your business. The safe way does lead not to long-term success. No business in the history of the world ever became successful by being safe. They innovated, they improved, and they did what was best for their business.


Thank you so much Jonbaas, your words motivated me. I’m going to do something good now :slight_smile: