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Change gig title

After how many days should I change the gigs titles and description. I am new seller since 2016. I got first order on 2 days ago but cancelled by me beacuse fear of bad review. Please help me to start my business. I worked hard on fiverr but all in vain. Help me please !
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I don’t really think you should change your title if you’re planning to perform the same service as always. As for the description, you shouldn’t have to change it unless you don’t think it accurately and concisely conveys what service you’re providing.

I think you were a little too hasty in canceling the order. If you’re fearing a bad review, you may want to reevaluate whether you want to provide that particular service. If you do, great. Then I would focus on how to improve on the service you provide.

Good luck and I hope this helps!


Some of your gig titles seem too similar.
“do photoshop editing and retouching”
“do photoshop editing and retouching your image”
“do professional photo editing,image retouching”

Are you providing a different service in each. If so, maybe make it clearer in the title what the differences are. If >=2 are roughly the same service you could remove one or more so each gig is unique.


Thanks for help. Should I creat 7 gigs of different titles but my service is same in all ( photoshop ) ?

Thank you very much.

If you’re only providing 1 service you should only create 1 gig for that. You could have difference services using Photoshop as long as what you’re offering to do in each is different (and that difference should really be clear from the title).