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Change Gig video music daily

I wanted to ask that can i change my gig video daily? I want to change my gig video daily or after two days? Will fiverr create a issue regarding this? Basically in my video, my music will be changed only nothing else. I will change music daily . Please advise.


Your gig will not appear on search results enough.

It takes 24-48 hours just to have the video approved each time alone.

I honestly don’t understand why you would want to change the music every day.

What for?


It would take nearly 1-2 days for gig to approve, so as you keep on changing, your gig would be always going through approval process and it might not appear on search results.

I’m sorry but how is that different than what I said directly above?


There is no point in repeating previous posts.

As said earlier, it takes up to 48 hours to be reviewed. in that case your gigs wont be in a stable position if you change it and uploading. You should take time creating your video and upload the best one.

My gig cant be seen as it is now due to search problem. If i edit, then it would come back at top for some time, i am aware it will be again vanished but it will be up for some time. Something is better than nothing.

I am not going to argue how your idea will bury your gig even more since you have made Your mind up.

But please do let me know why you want to change the bkg music to your demo video every day?

It does not compute.

I just want to bring gig up, i thought maybe this will help

So instead of editing a part of your description you deliberately choose to edit your video that will add an additional 2 days to your gig’s downtime for a total of up to 4 days?

Are you thinking things through?

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I’ll see what i want to do. Thanks for the advice.