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Change in buyer attitudes? Apr2020

Is anyone else seeing an increase in buyer frustration? I had a 5 star rating and have been on Fiverr for a few years. I write RFP’s and B to B proposals. In the past few days I’m completing the same quality work I always have but I’m getting really vague requests for cancellations. The buyer either says “it’s not what I wanted” or “It’s not right” but no clear cut request for what they don’t like or any request for specific changes. It just seems odd all of a sudden. Anyone else seeing this?

I’m wondering if it’s related to the stress we are living or if buyers are buying, getting what they want and then requesting money back so they get it for free. If they were giving me realistic feedback on what they didn’t like I could change it but they are not even asking for revisions just straight to cancellation. Anyone else?


Yes, and yes, and other things we might never think of.