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Change In Gig Position

I have problem if any one can help or guide me.About a month back my fiverr gig listing was at 1st & 2nd page of the respective categories but all of sudden it went to 39 & 40 page.I have no idea about that.I have level 2 account on fiverr with all the stats in place.I have even edited my gig but still no change.Sales are gone down to ZERO.Incase anyone have an idea how to bring it back to normal please let me know.

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Maybe somebody is performing and describing their gigs better than you now?

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Well, you already do. @frank_d already answered you on another topic

And if you don’t know why is your gig on the last pages then how are we supposed to know without knowing how your stats looks like :woman_shrugging:


I totally agree with you but changing a position from page 1 to 40 still doesn’t make sense.

Well it does make sense, when you are not delivering what you promise to do.

You can resist the idea, and feel the need to blame something, but this is a highly competitive marketplace. Being in the first page of results is not a right, it is something you work to get.

Fail and someone else will claim your spot. I thought you were into traffic and SEO? Surely this makes sense to you.

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So what do you suggest he do

That;s interesting, how can I search for my gig to see statistics?