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Change in gig title

hello all respected members.i need to know that change in gig title how affect your gig because my gig title which first i have is not catchy so i change but not change in url.looking for suggestions

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Better titles are more likely to get attention.

The URL of the gig stays the same, it’s always been like that.


so no issue if the title is different then url?

Not unless it’s for a completely different service.

If it’s for a different service, it will look like you’re trying to make buyers think you got reviews for one thing, but got them for something else.

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You can change your gigs title without any tension ,changing gig title will not affect your gig , just share your gig link on social media after changing you gig title 5 to 10 times for search engine can list your new title and buyer can find gig easily … and for any suggestion you can tell me and try to check my gigs it will help you .

Thanks! Kaium840

Great point. As a buyer if I felt misled or noticed inconsistencies, I probably wouldn’t trust that seller and would take my business elsewhere.

I imagine a lot of buyers are the same way. People like transparency and require it before they deem something credible.


no just make it catchy not fully change and also in first there is not proper keyword
my first title is i will do business and brand logo
now is i will do modern minimalist business logo design…

Great, there shouldn’t be any problems with that. :slight_smile:

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so there is no worries for me

one more thing there is a problem with my account tell me solution of rating is 4.7 but for buyer it show 4.6 and my response time is one hour but it show to buyer 4 hours.and order completion rate one day show not avail other day 50 % another day 67% but all only one order cancel out of 30 please tell me in detail what is this

What makes you think it’s 4.7? If it’s the analytics section, they calculate the last 60 days, and 4.6 could be your all-time rating.

Where does it show to you that it’s 1 hour?

It’s not all-time completion rate, it’s based on the last 60 days, so the numbers can fluctuate.

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Sir I have change the title of gig. Before changing the title it show a good progress.
But after changed the title it show very poor progress


it can be happened … Because when you will change the gig title then the gig url and title will be mismatch and your gig can be removed from the search page . Matching url with title is one kind of seo. If you want to fix that then use the old title again…


If I use a old title it show on its previous place

I am not sure that it will appear on the old place or not but you can try…

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If i add a previous title and tags it show on previous position before changing the title and tags

As I already told , you can try… Hope it will get back on the previous position …

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Mean not confirmed sir

No sir , I am not sure… But hope it will get back … If you want you can do that otherwise not… Your wish …

Best Of Luck

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Sure sir I am going to change.
Where is the URL of gig