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Change in gig title

:roll_eyes: :flushed::worried: . Sir you can not change the gig url . You can change the gig title,tags, images and other things not url …

Okay thanks sir I am going to change title of gigs

You are welcome … :grinning:

It is your first time experience for this kind of problems

I have not exact remembered the search tag

Share your Gig links on social media 50 to 100 time , your gig will come back again on the right position

Sure sir
I have change the title again and put a previous title

Sir I am sharing on facebook my on profile.
Can I share in the Facebook groups

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Are u sure it works?

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Yes , I did this 1 year ago

yes anywhere you share feel free

If the rules of that particular group allow it, sure.

Keep in mind that some groups forbid it, and admins can report you if you share your gigs there.

Sir my gig is not going to promotions.
It show a bad rankings

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I have heard that changing gig title impact it’s search performance negatively. What do you want to say about it?

Try to send Buyer Requests daily 2-3 on fiverr it will help you more

Yes! That’s Right, but if you will do SEO for your Gigs properly after Changing Title your Gigs will list again and try to share your Gig links more and more on Social Media .

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If we add the FAQs in product description it will be low our gig search tag performance