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Change in HR Strategies after COVID-19

Dear Community,
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As we all know that covid vaccination process has been started in most of the countries so it seems that sooner or later things will get normal.
The strategic changes which I can guess will occur in recruitment procedures and policies. I can see HR departments working on HR processes in new normal after pandemic.
What changes you have observed in your relevant fields? Like marketing, IT, medical sciences etc.


My relavant field is very good…

I really noticed some changes. Companies practice hiring employees without relevant work experience or special education. A lot of people lost their jobs, some entrepreneurs had to stop their businesses… Thus, many workers want to change their professional fields. I think employers find a possibility to give a new employee just those skills and knowledge that are appropriate for a certain company in the current situation. Why not… Especially, if you created the right CV, highlighted your strengths and soft skills, and if you are able to provide self-learning. These changes are natural, in my opinion.

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Is it bad? Maybe, that information helps somebody to get useful tips. I don’t put any link in case I consider it inappropriate. It wasn’t my main goal :slight_smile: I think we are discussing different topics to share thoughts and something useful…