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Change in pricing

does changing in your pricing affect your gigs , if it does then how so ? and why ?

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You could have asked this question in your other thread.

In answer, though: All gigs go through a verification every time they’re edited.

As for the effects, yes, because you’re changing your target market. You’re aiming for a different class of buyer.


Good explanation. Helpful. Thanks

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Thanks for the advice i’m kind of new to this forum fiverr thing , anyways the question is does it effect our gig in a good way ? or a bad way ? lets say i lower my price how will it effect my gig , plus if a person becomes for example a level 2 seller and he increase’s price from 5 to 20 how will it effect his rate of selling and order’s ?

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So, you want to know more about economics? That’s a whole study in and of iself. I can forward you some resources, but I can’t summarize something that took multiple semesters in college to learn.

Many companies spend years on this kind of research for their good or service, before they’ve even put that product on the market.


Thanks for the link , i’ll try to find my answer and as for the college part sadly speaking college level education in PAKISTAN is a total waste of time and money

Sorry to hear. In that case, have you considered looking into some textbooks that are used in colleges elsewhere? It will be difficult to self-educate, and in a non-native language, but the resources are out there. Getting slightly older editions of textbooks can be very affordable, too, and I’d be happy to recommend some of the introductory textbooks that I had to read. Some of them are even available as e-books, or PDF form.


Everyone doesn’t learn economics in college; it depends on the discipline that you are studying. Why would you blame your country’s education system for it? I know it’s not that great compared to others but it’s not too awful to the point where you would call it “a waste of time and money”.

EDIT: I don’t mean to be harsh, I just want to correct the wrong image that you are portraying of the country.

Whenever I changed levels, I raised my prices very slowly. When I increased them too much and too fast, I got fewer orders.


That really helped , thanks

@umairrrrr you do not have any gigs yet. :thinking:

You need to work on the gig description. It can be up to 1200 characters; only writing 2-3 sentences isn’t a good idea. Explain what you are offering and why it’s different from the rest.

Here are some helpful posts (I suggest you read them first before changing the gig description):

I copied your user name from your post and looked for it on Fiverr. There is another user with the same name except you have a (_) after your name on your gig page, but not here? :thinking:


Awesome point.

Plus, if you too drastically change in one go instead of doing it gradually, you can’t evaluate with trial error to find the pricing that works best.