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Change in World Domination


I’m new to the forum here and was wondering if anybody might have a similar problem as I’m experiencing with the World Domination category under the Analytics tab (the whole way at the bottom).

This is one of my favorite features of the site, showing which countries you have received orders from, along with how many orders from each country. I went on recently to look at my stats again, but when I move my cursor over the shaded countries (where my buyers have placed orders from), it doesn’t show me anymore how many orders were placed from that country.

Is this something that Fiverr has changed? Or is this just a problem with my computer?

It’s not really a big problem, but I did really enjoy seeing the geographical diversity of my buyers in such a nice format.


Actually there’s something off with this feature: on my end, the number of orders is displayed when hovering a country - however, the popup with the number of orders is displayed way off the chart, like far away from my mouse cursor.

I assume that if you have a smaller screen, it might get displayed off the screen thus thinking it doesn’t show up. Or maybe it doesn’t show up in your browser :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess it’s time to buy your custom Sager machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I don’t see the number displayed anywhere on my laptop screen, but I guess it could be a problem with the browser. :confused:


I have never seen the number of orders when hovering over a country. I use a 13 inch laptop.

It used to show the name of the country when you hovered over it.

edit: I reduced my screensize to 50% and now see the number of orders for each country except for the lowest countries on the map which are still off the screen.


I reduced my screen size to 50% as well to see if that would solve my issue, and I am now able to see the country name and number of orders again. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to see the number of orders on all of them though. It seems odd that it would be present for some but not for others.