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Change left review comment

I just left a lovely review for my buyer and accidentally called him the wrong name, can I change this?


Impossible, Here has no any option for this.

You can’t do that because FeedBack is not editable.

Unfortunately, no.

I mean, you could try asking Customer Support to just fix the buyer’s name, but if someone reads your request in a hurry and thinks that you’re asking for a feedback change, or, worse, completely misinterprets your words and thinks that you’re trying to manipulate the buyer to change their review, you could get an account warning.


Once I wrote “Great seller”, instead of “Great buyer” and asked CS to change it for me. They were really nice and did it right away. Just my 2 cents :wink:

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The keyword here is once. CS is so busy these days they seem to skim tickets and are not always so helpful.

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Thanks so much, I have sent a message to customer support, fingers crossed!

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Let us know how things turn out.

Hi guys,

fiverr team were really nice, I mean it did take over a week, but they have just fixed the name mistake I made when leaving a review for my buyer (see the attached screenshot).

Thank you for the advice!

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 11.29.02.png