Change Leveling Criteria


So to get to Level 2, I need to make 60 sales in consecutive months. All well and good.

But I think they need to add some additional criteria that would require just as much effort. I write a database query for $5. So if someone needs 5 queries written, they put in 1 order with a quantity of 5. The net result is that I still have X days to do the gig, but it only counts as a single order. I really think it should be sum(orders * qty). I’m being unfairly penalized because someone isn’t putting in 5 separate orders. I say this because there is no stipulation that the orders have to come from distinct/unique buyers. It’s just 60 in total.

Same goes for custom orders - I can do a custom order for $50, but it only counts as a single sale. If I really wanted to, I could have asked the customer to put in 10 separate orders. I think this should be accounted for.

I’d like to see a formula where you can make it either on number of orders, or $$ in a 2 month period. In the end, what is the difference to Fiverr between 60 $5 sales and 30 $10 sales? They both generate the same revenue, and the same amount of work is accomplished by the seller.