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Change max amount of created gigs to max active gigs


First of all, sorry if this isn’t the right category to post in.

After trying to create a new gig, a message appeared saying I can only create up to 7 (I assume a limitation on my current level). I have a couple of quick questions:

  1. Can the system be modified a bit to make it so you are only allowed to have 7 “active” gigs? It will be easier to switch which ones we want to offer at one moment. The reason I’m asking: I have several suspended gigs that I don’t know if I can delete/replace.

  2. Regarding my reason above: IF I delete my currently suspended gigs, how will it affect my ratings? Will the ratings/reviews stay? If so, then I’ll happily delete them to make room for new ones. If they’ll be gone, then please consider the first suggestion above.

    Thanks! :slight_smile:

    A little back story:

    I joined Fiverr almost 5 years ago. For all of you old timers here know that back then there weren’t any GigExtras; everything was $5 and that was it. I made some nice sales, almost 100 orders in my first couple of months (with only 1 negative feedback from a drama queen buyer, hence my 99% rating) but for obvious reasons—again, back then—I wasn’t completely okay with how it valued my time and skills so I suspended all 3 gigs that I had and moved on.

    Long story short, I revisited Fiverr almost a month ago after learning how it has evolved. Got a “New Seller” status, most likely for being nonactive. Fair enough. I can’t reopen my past gigs since they are services that I now offer 10x the amount to my clients off-Fiverr so need to keep it fair for them (and for myself) but I came up with some simple gigs that I would like to try. Stumbled upon the gig limit message, hence this post.