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Change Multiple Gig's Duration time


It would be sooooo much more convenient to be able to change multiple gig’s duration time.

For example lets say I know I’m not going to be near my pc for 2 days but all my gigs are usually 1 day. Instead of going into every gig, scrolling down, changing the duration to 2 days, and hitting save.

Can we have it so on our gig list we can just check mark the box for the gig’s we want to edit and be able to do a mass duration change across all gig’s that are checked.

I’m sure lot’s of people would find this very helpful thank you =)



It’s Christmas time Fiverr, hopefully with holidays this can be done in time! Thanks!


YES - YES - YES! I just wrote a discussion on this in the wrong spot. I could not agree more - and I am on the buyer side. The timetable frustrates me to no end. This would be one of my top suggestions for FiveRR’s continued success!